Speedy 25 and Mini Looping AFTER replacing vachetta leather

  1. So I had a mono Speedy 25 (bought in 2001) that was sooo sooo beat up. The handles were patinaed very darkly, plus water stains, and plain dirty it seemed to me. I was so ashamed of it, I rarely carried it except on rainy days (Crazy I know but it was already so messed up).

    I also had a mono mini looping (from 2001) that was pretty well maintained. The handle had a honey colored patina that was pretty but the red glaze on the edge was chipping off (pet peeve of mine).

    Anyhow, I took it to the Riverside Mall in Hackensack NJ (near where I live) to get them repaired and was told the speedy would take 10 weeks and they quoted me a really high price just to replace handles and chapes. The lady told me that to replace all the leather (including piping, zipper pull, and the tabs on the ends would cost MORE than half the price of a new Speedy 25 so she would only do the handles and replace the broken zipper pull). She estimated around $400.

    A week later I was at the 5th Ave store (near work) to buy something and stopped by the repair shop on the 4th floor and a VERY nice lady gave me a quote that equaled something $275 (LESS than half of a new SPeedy = $595). So I got my bag back from Riverside and dropped it there. The in-house technician fixed it in exactly 14 days!!! It's so pretty....

    The mini looping handle was $80. Total with tax to repair: $366.61. I feel like it was soooooooooooo worth it cuz both were gifts from my mom, when I graduated high school so they have sentimental value. Plus the Mini Looping cost around $400-450 then and now it costs $760 to buy new. The Speedy 25 was around that price too and now it costs $595.

    I feel like I have 2 NEW bags!!!! :roflmfao:

    Plus I was sad that my Made in France Speedy 25 would lose the made in France tag since it was repaired in the U.S. but they restored it to say Made in France!!!!

    Yay for the 5th Ave store and the in-house repair shop...
    I think that's why Riverside was more expensive--cuz they have to send it to Cali. I'm so happy~~~~~
  2. WOW - you're right - they do look new! Very nice!
  3. Oh wow .. gorgeous new vachetta!
    I had no idea the repairs would vary from store to store - good to know!
  4. ^I agree! :yes:
  5. OMG, they look brand spanking new. Did you replace all the leather parts on the speedy? I can't believe the price discrepancies between the 2 store are that big!!

  6. nice both look gorgeous and brand new.
  7. Yup--ALL the leather came out to $258.00! I'm really glad I did it. Better than buying a new one--since it won't have the sentimental value ;) Well, not the leather INSIDE THE BAG but who looks in there but me ?! :biggrin:
  8. I am so happy for you!! Do you have any *before* pictures? If so, you should post them. I'm sure everyone would love to see the amazing transformation.
  9. congrats on the good as new bags!!! they look great and glad you got them replaced at a great price and so quickly! it's nice that they added the made in france tag!
  10. Impressive. If I didn't know better, I would think I was looking at 2 brand-spanking-new bags!
  11. They look terrific! I think it is such a great thing to be able to replace the leather on these bags that do have so much sentimental value!
  12. Wow, they do look brand new.
  13. Wow, they look great!
  14. They look great!!!!
  15. wow...looks great! congrats!