speedy 25 a gift I got today, is it real?

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  1. I have to agree with the previous posters, I'm afraid that this may not be authentic as the font stamp doesn't seem to be on.
  2. Wow! You guys are good...I can't tell the difference at ALL! The O's look like O's to me. Haha.
  3. Also, does your aunt usually gives you expensive gifts? If she does, then it might be authentic. If she doesn't, then I'll think twice about it.
  4. the O's are supposed to be perfectly circular
  5. Would your aunt be offended if you asked her if it was authentic? I mean, if she was into LV she wouldn't send you a fake one, right? If she has spent that much money on you before, and you know her taste ( her own bags are authentic) then it's probably an authentic bag that she sent you.
  6. The vachetta looks a bit plasticky to me. Can you take a close-up shot so we can see the vachetta texture? Right now it looks smooth like plastic.
  7. oh yes i see what everyones looking at, the "o" isnt round enough when i compared it to mine. it should look like a donut/ball. an less like an "o" or "0".
  8. I'm agreeing with others here. the pull tab looks wrong, the *0* you have and my *o*
    hope this helps
  9. I have to say I think its fake. The stiching is off on the leaf and the encasing on the handles should be a bit darker. The O's in the wording don't look round enough either as the other posters said.
  10. I agree ... you should ask your aunt. I mean if I give my niece a LV bag, I would let her know whether it was real or fake. I certainly wouldn't deceive her on purpose. Just ask or have your mom ask for you.

    But I do agree with the all of posts that the font is off on the 'Louis Vuitton' stamp on the leather tab. I have a cerise speedy and your font looks different from mine. I'm leaning towards fake as well.
  11. The pull tab is not perfectly centered vis a vis the zipper. Which I believe would not be the case with a real Speedy. I'm glad you're not out any cash, but did your aunt purchase this thinking it was real? If so, she may have overpaid for a fake. :sad:
  12. The leaf seems a bit too long to be real.
  13. Nina,
    The bag is FAKE but a very good one. The font of the tag is all wrong...its too long and the leather trim on the sides are too pronounced. The trim is usually more subtle and does not stick out as much.
  14. It looks fake to me.
  15. that font looks off...the o's in louis vuitton don't look round enough...

    edited after finishing thread: which i see everyone already caught! :smile: