speedy 25 a gift I got today, is it real?

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  1. Hi, My aunt sent me this gift today, .. do you think it is real?

  2. she didn't send it wrapped in a box. Were there any tags inside the bag?
  3. no , in a gft box not in a vuitton box no dusting bag either :cry: I am glad it had a lock and 2 keys
  4. Can you post more detailed pictures of the bag?
  5. like what parts?
  6. how about a close-up of the date code and side tag (the one the says Louis Vuitton)...and a general pic of the inside?
  7. Hmmm...What about the side of the bag which shows the tag (with the Louis Vuitton stamp on it), the bottom of the bag, and the inside with the date code (you should be able to find this by lifting the inside pocket)...

  8. How about some photos of the front, the sides, and the leather parts.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. [​IMG]
  11. ok my camera died on me, i have to get thatserial picture tomorrow
  12. the only thing making me doubt the authenticity is that the "O's" in Louis Vuitton are not round enough
  13. i'll just take it this weekend and authenticise it, are the SA at the boutique nice or would they make you feel like garbage if it turned out to be fake?
  14. This is what I have doubts about, too. (I even took out my speedy and compared it with the picture to make sure.) It does look a bit more oval, but I could be wrong.
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