Speedy 25/30 in other styles??

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  1. I really think the Speedy would be so pretty in the Vernis style.... does that exist??

    *I heard from a SA that the Speedy will be coming out in the Damier Canvas in June 2006. But i swear I saw someone in the streets with it (unless it was a fake).....:love:
  2. I think the damier speedy used to be a special order item, so it's possible that the one you saw was real. They're such a classy bag. :o)
  3. I think you could special order the speedy in the vernis.
  4. Up until a while ago, one was able to special order a Damier speedy. But now it will be put into production.
  5. are special orders more epxensive? thanks!
  6. ^^^Yes, they are.:sad2:

  7. Yes, most likely it was a special order item - both the speedy 25 and 30 styles have been special-ordered before. I once saw a woman with a special order looping bag - that was pretty neat!
  8. Speedy Vernis doesn't exist as I know it right not but it is coming out in Damier.
  9. It could be SO'd in vernis :idea: I wonder why more people don't have one, hmmmm. I think a speedy in framboise vernis would be gorgeous. V
  10. Is vernis hard to take care of? I wanted a Reade PM but the boutique manager practically begged me not to get one, she said it transfers alot and almost anything you wear stains it. :sad:
  11. Yup! The SA in HK LV shop said that the speedy will be in Damier soon.
  12. You just have to be more careful, I have vernis pieces and have not had color transfer issues...yet lol.
  13. Agree! The SA said even will get color transfer from Jeans.
  14. thanks guys... haha... ( :
  15. everyone here always knows so much!!!