Speeding to coach...

  1. I got a ticket going to coach!!!!!! :sad: I can't believe it , it was my first.

    Good thing I got what I went after...

    For my mommies bday (thanks for all your suggestions) I got her the small ergo khaki signature hobo
    and I got myself a soho cheekbook and both our names begin with S so i got us matching keyfobs!

    So on top of what i spent at Coach, I have to pay a ticket.
  2. oh, i totally understand! same thing happened to me on the way to the outlet (hehe). got busted going 25 over in a construction zone.
  3. Ick that stinks! Maybe you should have asked the officer if they would take 25% the cost of the ticket if you used the PCE card...you never know! lol
  4. My boyfriend is going to school to be a police officer and his brother is a police officer. As much as I know, most likely would have made the officer mad...IT is funny though. lol. Speeding tickets suck, I'm sorry.
  5. Youch! I'm sure you could have gotten another legacy bag for what that ticket cost. :crybaby:
  6. i got off REALLY light with that ticket (it was my first and i bawled like a baby). i learned my lesson.
  7. Yikes!

    It's the darn excitement of Coach, I tell ya!

    It took everything for me NOT to speed to the PCE event today!
  8. were you on 183? they love to write tickets through there, DH Just got one in Hurst.

    I just did my order at NE Mall Coach, they were so great there, let me order all sorts of stuff! I usually go to Southlake, but I'm going to start going there!!
  9. Oh bummer!! You got some good stuff though! Too bad the 25% you paid is now going to a speeding ticket :hysteric:

  10. I got ticket in Bedford the other day. I really hate having to give the city of Bedford $150 when I could have put that towards PCE.

    Anyway I usually go to the NE Mall or Southlake store also but today I am going to venture out to Northpark. I told my son we would catch a movie and lunch at Cheesecake Factory since we will have to suffer a while in the Coach store.
  11. I usually go to NE mall . but I was going the back road to southlake and I was on cheeksbarger rd in Colleyville. I went to southlake cause I needed my stuff yesterday and not today and I called NEmall and Deanna my SA was not there and they did not know when she worked next.

    Oh by the way, Southlake Coach has so real unprofessional SAs now. They are not clean cut. No offense but I just love going to coach and being met by clean and proper SAs it makes the experience so much better. Unfortunately their new SAs have no coach knowledge and were really pushy too.
  12. I agree. I have always gone to Southlake, but I'm switching to NE Mall, they are so nice there and very professional but fun and not stuff at the same time, I made a couple buddies and I have a new SA there who put me on her list. YAY!

    And cheek sparger is TERRIBLE!!! The speed limit is so slow through there and the cops sit on the side streets. I used to cut through to 26 on cheek sparger from 121 on the way home from work. I'm SO sorry you got a ticket there, ugh!
  13. I am so sorry