Speedies - Lucky 7!!!!!!!!!! *PICS*

  1. Hi all! :smile:

    Well, since I got my Azur speedy today I thought I'd take an updated pic of my "Speedy Collection".
    [Recent additions: ML 12/27/06 (Xmas), Azur 2/14/07:heart: (VDay)]

  2. Beautiful!
  3. WOW...wonderful assortment you've got there! Azur feels right at home!
  4. Loving it! What a great speedy collection!
  5. Wow
  6. Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
  7. AWESOME! What a great collection! The speedy is soooo awesome...
  8. Love, love, LOVE your collection!! Question, my DH got me the Multicolor Speedy for Christmas...I love it, but do you find it to be a little bit heavy? I find myself using my Mono speedy 30 all of the time because the multicolor is sooo heavy.
  9. Just fab !!
  10. :heart: Lovely:love:
  11. :nuts: What a sweet collection of Speedies!!!!!! WOW!!! Lovely!!!!!!:yes:
  12. awesome!! love the variety!
  13. The whole family is beautiful! :love:
  14. I love the Speedies! You have an impressive collection of them! Congratulations on the Azur Speedy.
  15. Wow, gorgeous..! :love: