Speedies are back ! but no idylle

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  1. I have been desparate for an idylle speedy 30 for a long time now.
    There were many given dates on which the failed to restock..im literally scared ...i read here its not going to be until december they r going to restock ,somebody said only a few are being made.this is strange..what am i going to do? i also noticed the speedies are back on the website...could this be sign that the idylle is going to be back soon?
  2. I haven't seen them in stock online in a while .. I just checked and it said they were out of stock again.
  3. Oh no Ildera...maybe they got snapped up real quick again :sad:
    I read that they are opening another factory in Southern France and hiring 350 craftspeople to deal with the shortage and demand.
  4. Must be because every time someone says they are online, they aren't .. not that I can order online anyway, but it gives me hope for the stores :smile:.
  5. Where is the speedy back in stock? I'm still waiting for a 35 to pop up and haven't had any luck...I just called and nope, still out....
  6. speedies are back in the EU side,i saw it on the france italy etc sites ...all though i dnt see a 35 but they got most of the stuff back in stock...
  7. I think since the Europeans are now back from the August vacation, the EU stores are getting their stock...Nth American shipments will probably start to trickle in soon.
  8. ^^ From your lips ... :smile:
  9. There was a navy blue one on display in my local boutique in CA. I just saw it today... if it wasn't the fact that I don't need another 30, I'd get it. I am very tempted to get the 45 when it is back in stock.
  10. They are back in stock on the US site, just bought an azur 30 online.
  11. I heard that is the case as well as a new store that opened overseas and with majority of their stock going there and them being off for 2 weeks .. Is th reason for the shortage.
  12. encre or full navy blue?
  13. Run..Damier speedies are online at moment
  14. I know that in the US there is a main number to call. They are very nice. As long as you have a shopping history with LV they will look to see what stores have them in stock. They will then transfer you to that store and you can do a phone order.
  15. Damier ebene speedy 25 and 30's online!