Speed-dating at the zoo

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  1. A local speed-dating service is holding 2 speed-dating nights at the local zoo in February and I am seriously considering attending. I think it could be great fun and certainly interesting.
  2. It sounds like fun! I've never heard of speed-dating at the zoo before. Good luck!
  3. Have fun.
  4. Well I love animals, I am never going to find someone to date sitting at home surfing TPF and this sounds like a fun and easy night out. The zoo atmosphere will lend itself for a lot of easy conversation starters.
  5. I think this sounds like a blast, sweetie!!! One of my Hub and I's first dates was at the zoo. :yes: You'll have to let us know if you go and how it turns out!:yes:
  6. this sounds like so much fun! good luck, let us know how it was. ps, i'm a huge bon jovi fan too! he just gets better with age, i swear.
  7. I hope they dont set ya up by the poop throwing monkeys! lol.

    Seriously though, you are completely right, its a wonderful conversation starter, it sounds like a lot of fun!! I would totally go to something like that if I were single! Have fun and keep us updated!