Speed b25 or Gucci globe trotter beauty case, which would you choose?

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  1. I’m torn between two beauties, hoping for some advice. I know they are completely different bags, and I love them both but only have budget for one. I’ve always wanted the speedy b25 but every time I was ready to pull the trigger, something else always came up.

    I know what I need is the speedy b25 but the Gucci globe trotter beauty case is so cute and it would be hard to find in the future. Only down size to the Gucci is that it’s heavy (2.5 lbs) and I tend to not like heavy bags as I get older. I have several LVs but only one Gucci. I would probably use the speedy everyday. The Gucci would be used somewhat regularly but also would be sitting on my dressing table with makeup if I don’t use it as a bag. I would love to buy both but can’t at the same time. Please help me!!!
  2. Do you have a picture of the Gucci? I did do a search and think I have found the one that you want, but I'm not sure. I do not have any Gucci bags, but I do have the Speedy B in the size 30 , and it's a great bag. I think you have mentioned two reasons why the Gucci may not be for you, however. You will not use it as much, and it is heavy. Being that heavy would be a deal-breaker for me. Do you really want a bag at that expense to sit on your dresser and hold makeup? I am not saying that that's a reason not to buy it, but I would personally like a bag that I would use more. Just my opinion :smile:
  3. Here's a pic of the Gucci globetrotter Beauty case.
  4. is this the gucci?

    it does look heavy, i lean toward the speedy b25, and since you said you always want it too.
    i think it's better to get a bag you'll use more than just something that you want but rarely used
  5. Thank you for your advice. I know, you are totally right, speedy would be the sensible choice. I guess I always opt for classic styles and the speedy feels like another addition to the bunch. Speedy is better priced and bc LV items are not always readily available, I've already purchased accessories for it, just waiting for my speedy, haha...
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  6. Yes, that's the one. :love: Thank you for the advice, i know I should get the speedy but this one just just make be feel happy looking at it. I guess it's the classic need vs want situation. (Not that I NEED a $1,500 purse.)
  7. This Gucci is extremely cute lol
  8. I think our wants always overcome our needs when it comes to an expensive handbag, LOL. So, if you buy the Speedy, will you still want the Gucci? For me, the Speedy is not only practical, but beautiful and classic, too. But only you know what will make you happy in the long run :smile:
  9. The problem with the Gucci Globetrotter is that it's top heavy so it topples over when the lid is open. Seems like a major design flaw, and pretty annoying for regular table-top usage.
  10. I learned about 10 years ago that it doesn't matter how beautiful a bag is, if it's heavy. I hate heavy bags, and only get the enjoyment out of looking at them in my closet. My speedy B's are hands down my continuous go-to's...comfy against my body, and light as air!
  11. Right?!?!
  12. The good news is the Gucci is not that heavy and it's also a variation of a vintage style so a classic too. I won't be as light as the Speedy but that bamboo handle is wonderful
  13. Reality is, whichever one I choose, I’m always gonna be wanting the other want too. Sigh. Yes the speedy is beautiful and I have the speedy Multicolore that I don’t use often be it’s so heavy. Duh, right?
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  14. Yeah, it’s true.
  15. Very true, I’m so back and forth on it, this morning I was talking to my DH about how we should be lifting light weights to help with muscle tone as we age and immediately thought the Gucci could be a workout. I’ll be doing sets with the globe trotter at restaurants. Ha! Crazy things we make up in our minds to justify our behavior...
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