Speed and Pucci Scarf

  1. Just wanted to share the Pucci Scarf I bought today for $20 at Century 21 NY. It looks so good and the price is unbeatable! I'm going to buy more of these scarves..
  2. $21?!?!?!? What deal. It looks very nice with your Speedy.
  3. I love Pucci.

    Dang, my bathing suit is my E.P. Haha, I love the brand so much!

    Congrats, looks great!
  4. Wow I really like the combo together! And what a deal too! Congrats!
  5. they look great together :smile:
  6. Thanks guys! :smile: Sorry for the missing "y" in the subject :rolleyes:
  7. That looks awesome! I love it!! :tup:
  8. That is a beautiful scarf and you can't beat the price!!
  9. Wow, great deal and super cute on your bag !
  10. How about a $5 silk-like head band, converted into a scarf for a speedy? Yea...I totally went there and it looks great! HAHA, we're such money-savvy fashionistas. Love YOURS! woo!
  11. Wow great deal.
  12. What a fantastic deal! I love Pucci, and it looks great with your purse!
  13. That's beautiful! I tie a Missoni scarf on my Speedy.
  14. it looks fabulous!

    OT: you can get pucci scarves on sale for 20 dollars on eluxury sometimes, i got a couple when i saw them!
  15. so cute and what a deal.