Speechless...I think My Muse Might Have Suffered a Heartattack!

  1. I was carrying my recently acquired YSL O/S Muse in gray patten leather (YES, I love it!!!!) at a LV boutique. A male SA saw my bag and said "oh my god, that's a fabulous bag, and she just got an exact same one today!" and pointed to another female SA. At this point, I was delighted that he recognized my bag, and was about to thank him for his complement when the female SA then turned to me, looked at my muse, and said "Oh ya! I just bought mine at Express today!"

    I was speechless but managed to put on a fake smile...and didn't (also couldn't) say anything to her. And then, a few seconds later, she said "but yours look a little different, where did you get yours." Then, I simply said, "YSL." Then, I didn't know who was more uncomfortable. I got out of the LV store shortly without purchasing anything since they ruined my shopping trip. And I couldn't stop thinking, how does one sale designer handbags without being able to recognize one?

    Anyway, my muse probably suffered a heartattack like I did. And I dare not bring her to Express for another meltdown. Anyone has any ideas what bags Express sells?

    Does anyone have any similar experience? What do you say to people or do you usually keep your mouth shut?
  2. I was at Lord and Taylor in VA this weekend and they have a free gift when you spend a certain amount -- the free gift is a fake red 'patent' downtown -- it looks exactly like a downtown down to the zippers, snaps and buckles....I was shocked....
  3. ^^ that makes me so sad
  4. that is so funny. Some SA's are innocently ignorant
  5. WOW... I can imagine you when she said express... you know wow I don't even know what to say... HAHA
  6. :wtf: OMG, You're right! I just found this pic and comments by the writer:


    Seems that major department stores are getting in on the knock-off biz. Yeah, they've always had look-alike styles for less, but this is the first time I've seen such a blatant copy used as a shopping lure.
    Anyway, the faux Downtown (or would L&T Midtown be a better name?) in shiny faux patent can be yours free with an $85 beauty purchase at most L&T stores. Get one while supplies last, or until they get the cease and desist order from The Gucci Group.
  7. I guess it's sort of helpful to look at this site and know which styles are being duplicated - then you can know which to be most careful about when buying secondhand
  8. i don't even know why that replica site isn't banned or removed! where is our replica police! urgh! i would absolutely hate it if someone insults my bag, ignorantly or not, it just kills me.
  9. that is sortof shocking -- it's not like it's a new or obscure bag!
  10. I was at Express the other day, they have a patent croc "muse" weekend bag that they give away.. it really looks like an oversize muse...:yucky:
  11. I've not been in Express in years so I haven't seen the other version, but I don't think that they were trying to insult you. I can totally see how it came off poorly, but I'd try not to let it get to you. I really htink it was an innocent mistake.
  12. i'm curious: is express like a cheap store?
  13. I can definitely relate. Someone asked me once if my Muse was from Banana republic because br came out with a similar model. I felt totally uncomfortable saying that I got it from YSL. On one hand, i didn't wanna seem snobby...on the other hand, i was a little irked.

  14. not really, i personally like that store, check them at www.expressfashion.com