Speech or English pros??

  1. Okay, so I have a persuasion speech thats due tom. I have it almost done but am very unsure about it. I'm doing it on designers vs knockoffs. If theres is anybody out there that I can pm my speech to for an opinion, it will be appreciated! Or if anybody has any ideas for me to put in it, that will also be appreciated!
  2. If you want to shoot it over to me I will take a look at it.
  3. I was a nationally ranked debater in high school - don't read a speech. NOTHING worse than listening to someone reading off a piece of paper. I mean, I can read, just pass it out to the class if all you'll do is read it to me. Either memorize it completely, or have a note card with key phrases to get you talking. The best speakers know their material in and out, so whatever you wrote, spend some quality time with it before you have to present.

  4. Thanks for the tips! It's supposed to be extemporaneous so we have to give her the outline and she marks off for eye contact and reading off of a paper. We are allowed note cards, so thats my plan, along with alot of practice speaking to the hubby.
  5. I am an English teacher. If you want to PM it to me, I will gladly look it over.
  6. Practice in front of a mirror. It sounds silly, but that's what my dad taught me and I really think it works!
  7. ahh, extemp was one of the events i went to nationals in! good luck! incorporate some statistics and things if you can - it's very impressive if you can speak without a script and quote things accurately.
  8. ITA!!! This is a great trick for not only speeches but for any situation in which you want to be on top of your game (e.g. job interviews, presentations, etc.).