speech on fakes.


Aug 13, 2007
This doesn’t have to do with louis vuitton but I figured you guys/girls would be the best place to ask this question at.

I have a 5 minute speech to persuade due in 3 weeks for my final in speech and I want to start working on it during the 5 day weekend. I’m thinking about doing it on persuading people not to buy fakes. What are some good websites that show how fakes are made and sold? Basically any websites telling about fakes but not just how to spot them.

Also do you think this would be an okay topic or can anybody think of anything better? Because I’m seriously at a lost with this one. I did my speech to inform on the history of Halloween & I got an 80; which is the lowest B you can get. This one counts as 3 grades so I need to make an A to help recover from the last speech.


Jun 29, 2007
Lol, I remember having to do a persuasive speech in my freshman year at college. I persuaded people to buy an ipod (this was right when they came out)

Anyway, I think your topic is good, you just need to make sure it is something that would engage everyone (I'm not sure what your audience is.) Talking about handbags might not be a good idea as many people might not know brands like LV, coach, etc...but if you can form a strong enough argument, it might be good. good luck