Speddy owners please help..PICS

  1. I just noticed the tab inside my speedy 30 w/the d ring is all wrinkled. The front part of the tab it loose from the back part of the tab. The one next to it inside is stuck together and doesnt wrinkle like the d ring tab. I can stick my nail in between the front and back pieces of leather. Does yours do this too? I just got it last month from eluxury.[​IMG]
  2. Hmmm, I think you should exchange it if it bothers you. My speedy didn't have that problem.. Good luck!
  3. This doesn't look right at all! I would exchange it if it bothers you! But then it's on the inside, so if you don't want to go through all the trouble of exchanging, no one but you will see it!
  4. I'm not usually too picky about stuff but this would bother me enough to want to return it.
  5. am not a stranger to this, but usually its from years of wear & tear - I agree with the others, take it back to where it was purchased from and explain the problem to them - good luck=)
  6. Oh you need to exchange that for sure. When I put my speedy I exchanged it 2 times because when I got home I saw small markings that bothered me. It had to be PERFECT!
  7. yea, i think im going to call e lux and PRAY they will exchange it for me...im sad :sad:
  8. Aww! *Hugs* Call them and let us know what happens! : )
  9. ekk! I'd exchange it NOW!
  10. Definitely exchange it !
  11. It's NOT supposed to be like that. It would bother me enough to warrant an exchange! GL!
  12. what did you decide to do?
  13. I agree I'd exchange it
  14. Defintiely exchange it! Good luck!!
  15. i'm not very picky either, but that would definitely bother me!

    good luck with elux! they have really good customer service from other member's experience, but I hope you don't have any trouble at all!!!