Spectator Silver/ Parchment Large Sabrina...

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009

    I went to the boutique yesterday with a bag and a wallet my sister got me while she visited this past Xmas. I was looking to return for credit, but considered getting the Silver Violet, but she is too small for me :nogood:

    So after looking around, the Large Silver Parchment Sabrina started growing on me and so I decided to take it. The 2 new ones they brought up looked rather wrinkled and had marks on the front and since it is parchment it is noticeable, so I took the display which look much nicer and shiny.
    They were taking quite long to ring me up and I was late for work, so I told the SA to hold it for me until tomorrow so I had more time and that way I would not be late for work. The manager would not hold it, she said that since these spectators are Limited Edition she could not guarantee that the exact one I wanted would be on hold for me tomorrow :shrugs: I honestly did not know they were LE, but I checked the look-book and it does say LE on the top of the page...

    I usually are not bullied into buying anything, but I was really late by now and decided to pay-hold the bag.

    I'm supposed to pick it up today, but now I'm not so sure..

    What do you gals think?
  2. :ninja: Ninja Pictures of the purse in question:





    Attached Files:

  3. Hold it for a day? Not too much to ask IMO, especially if they were taking their sweet time to ring you up. I personally would have a hard time going back in there to pick the bag up...but at the same time, I would also have a hard time NOT picking it up either, especially if it was a new Sabrina!

    Maybe pick it up, and then log a complaint with JAX since it was the manager of the store that made you feel pressured like that.

    Nice NINJA pics by the way...that bag IRL does look better than the drilldown pics!
  4. It's gorgeous! I actually really love the green accents. Get it! :yes:
  5. wow, she's gorgeous! how did youg get that picture taken with the sa right next to it? i think some sa s in my store would strangle me... LoL. i'd defenitely get her, if i'd love the way she looks. I do prefer the gray, but if you love the green, why not?
  6. WOW...it looks so different IR pic life. It's really pretty! it kind of looks like the hamburgler from McDonald's in those close up pics...LOL........please don't get offended by that...same case as the "OWL" with the Leigh bag...you start seeing things when you stare too long.
  7. I thought the same when she said that :nogood: Especially when she said: "I cannot guarantee that the purse you want on hold is the exact same one you will get." :rolleyes: Why the hell not? Is that no the point of putting something on hold? So you get the one you selected? :tdown: I did feel pressure to buy it and I think that is why I feel the way I feel about the bag now :sad:

    I thought about complaining to JAX, but for one I have complained about the crappy treatment I got at the outlet the only 2 times I've been there and I never got a follow up or anything... and two, this manager is the one who helped me with my Julianne situation...
    Still, I feel she was wrong not to accommodate me, but whatever.
  8. I must not be understanding something correctly.
    That sounds really strange to me..........they did a pay hold on it for you?
    Wouldnt it have made more sense for them to just ring it up quickly to get you on your way and not have to make a special trip back there?

    Or did you have to call then back from work with your CC info to pay/hold it?

    To have to go back to the store to pick the bag up like that would make me very irritated.....
    This whole thing you might want to call JAX about (to complain) as it sounds like that boutique gave you the run around needlessly!
  9. I love them too! The pics do not do it justice :nogood: It's very pretty.
    Oh, and the black accents are made of an exotic-looking material, very python looking :nuts:

    I told her I was going to take it to show my BF and you guys. She just smiled. Plus, what the heck am I supposed to do while I'm waiting? :P

  10. Hamburger??? :faint:
    I would certainly not enjoy totting a hamburger-looking purse on my arm :Push:

  11. NO! Not a hamburger...the character "hamburgler" it was supposed to be cute..not offensive in any way.
  12. Well, what happened is that I was already late and my SA went on to help someone else while I decided on which of the three I wanted. When I did decide, she wasn't available to help me right then. I informed the SA that since it was raining and I could not bring the purse to my job and I was already late I would just leave it and come back tomorrow. That is when the she asked the manager if she could hold it for me and she said no. I could either pay-hold it or leave without it :shrugs:
    Methinks they just wanted my merchandise credit to be spent at their store. I got $907 in merchandise credit from my return.
  13. I know you are just joking. It's cool :P
  14. So you havent paid for it yet or went back to pick it up?
    Sorry, just trying to understand.

    If I were you I would intentionally buy it from another boutique location since they put you through so much at that one.

    That manager not holding it for you would have been the dealbreaker for me.
    Spend your money (credit) elsewhere at a store that wants your business!
    This first store yanked your chain!
  15. The credit I got from my return was put towards this Sabrina, hence the "pay-hold" status. And I don't know I can get this Sabrina at another location, I was told this boutique is the only one carrying the Spectators right now :sad:
    Oh, and the $1,000 Julianne? Not impressed by her at all :nogood:
    She was my 2nd choice and it just was not stunning :shrugs:
    I'm going to pick up my Sabrina in a couple of hours... we shall see...