Spectator Pumps

  1. I'm thinking about getting a pair of black and white pumps, spectator style. Thoughts on these? Or other suggestions (under $150)?

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  2. I really like the ones on the right. They are really cute. Who makes them? I might have to splurge, too.
  3. Love the one's on the right! You can't go wrong with spectator pumps...so chic and classic!
  4. I love them! Especially the ones on the right.
  5. I really love the ones on the left, they are so sweet with the little bow on the front and love the cut out detail on the sides..who makes them?xxx
  6. I've loved spectator pumps forever. I especially like the ones on the right. They'll look really nice and fresh in the spring.
  7. The ones on the left are Linea Paolo and the ones on the right are Facade
  8. ooooh..those are both so cute! They're so chic yet so classic! I have a red and pink pair of spectator-style pumps myself, and I always get compliments! I love both, but in terms of more "use", maybe the ones on the right! Not sure where you'd be wearing them, but I know some offices have a no "open-toe" dresscode...
  9. The ones on the right are so cute for day/work!