Spectacular September 2019 pickups

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  1. Hello friends:wave:

    Please excuse that I'm posting our September thread a bit early but it happens to coincide with my 2-year anniversary here on TPF. That adage is so true, time flies when you're having fun, and it's always a blast here. I'd like to send a big "Thank You" to everyone on this AHMazing forum for being informative, funny, kind, honest and supportive of each other's LV addiction and wish you a wonderful F/W Season ahead with your beautiful LV's!

    This year's September releases are going to be fabulous and I can't wait to see those stunning reveals:drinks: Cheers!
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  2. Ready for fall RenderedImage-16.jpg IMG_0083.jpg IMG_0088.jpg
    IMG_0094.jpg IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0097.jpg IMG_0096.jpg
    LOL when a pink lover becomes a blue convert: Logomania Bleu DUO scarf and necessity Housse Horizon55. This colour was too stunning to pass on, I think it was the 2nd last one in Canada. Thanks for letting me share:smile:
  3. Thanks TK! Have a great Labour day weekend:flowers:
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  4. Thank you!! You as well!:biggrin:
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  5. +1 on what TK said — the blue is simply stunning. I can see why you strayed from your usual pink, lol. Such a beautiful way to keep warm during the Fall. And what a gorgeous piece of luggage — you always travel in style :smile:. Congrats on these wonderful goodies — and also Happy 2nd TPF Anniversary. Lovely to have you in our TPF community :smile:.
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  6. I love the name of this post:smile:
    Happy two year anniversary! I’ve been on here way too long, but it is fun!
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  8. Happy 2 years! When I read your post I thought wth?? September oh no? Where has August gone and where have I been. Normally I’m first to the new day because I’m in Aussie land and I thought who can be faster than us here lol and faster by a few days!!! Lol it’s only 29th here today so still 2 days to go. Nonetheless thanks for sharing your excitement and love your gorgeous blue scarf! I can tell there will be more blue items to come in your wardrobe! Enjoy! And yes looking forward to the spring releases
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  9. I love your post and your beautiful scarf. :heart:Happy Anniversary. :smile:
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  10. @Iamminda
    Thank you, LVoelies! :heart:It's been an amazing experience exactly because of your fabulous presence in this forum:love:

    Wish I could edit the 1st post to include this: Wishing you and other LVoely members from Australia a bright new Spring/Summer Season as well:drinks: Excited to see your balmy LV pics and latest reveals!
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  11. Thank you! So very sweet of you!!
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  12. IMG_0091.jpg
    One more pic of my new beauty
  13. Wow! That color is stunning! :smile:
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  14. Thank you!:love:
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