Specitite Stones

  1. Does anyone has some knowledge about this stone called: Specitite?


    La Reina
  2. Hi, do you mean spessartite? It is a type of orange colour garnet and some brighter colours are also known as mandarin garnet. Try going to www.pricescope.com and research under the coloured stones forum.
  3. Thanks Simplysplendid,

    I have been confused myself as to whether it is Specitite or spessartite? But I thank the latter sounds realistic.

    My appreciation

    La Reina
  4. http://www.palagems.com/spessartite_buyers_guide.htm

    they are garnets that are orangy or deep red. i see them on JTV all the time =)

    the orange is a deep vivd orange not like a citrine and the deep red is like a blood red VS a normal garnet

    more valueable would be a vivid orange with a tint of red
  5. Thanks sinniebunnie,

    Those are nice colours. What I still don't get are the selling prices. So assuming I have a stone of about 50g with 1.5ct, how will this be calculated? The 50g stone will cost the same as a 2 gm stone with teh same carat?


    La Reina
  6. Hi,

    No.. gemstone prices are determined by their colour, clarity, not only weight or size...
  7. Thanks again. Do you per chance have someone in Europe, Germany to be precise who can confirm the price of some stones for me? No problem if the one is a buyer.

    La Reina