specific question about the 04/05 holiday metallics

  1. Hi Everyone,

    First off, I don't know very much about Balenciaga bags. I thought that, rather than ask a question that has perhaps already been asked and answered, I should first thoroughly search this forum and I went to Atelier Naff as well, but still I am not quite satisfied that I have the answer that I am looking for. If you would kindly confirm one fact for me, I would greatly appreciate it. =)

    Am I correct in believing that, of all the motorcycle bags created since 2001 (the bag's inception?), the only bags that have had matching hardware are the holiday 2004/2005 metallic bags - specifically, in metallic magenta, red, orange, and pewter?

    When I say matching hardware, I mean that the hardware is the same colour as the bag (metallic magenta hardware on a metallic magenta leather bag).

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Hm - there was also a limited edition line of linen/patent leather bags where the hardware was mostly the same color as the patent leather - here's one from that line that is an exception:
    eBay: *BALENCIAGA LIMITED ED 2003 LINEN & PATENT CITY BAG* (item 230076711396 end time Jan-19-07 16:13:12 PST)

    In this one, the patent leather is cream and the hardware is white. But for the red/blue/green/black versions, the hardware is the same color as the patent leather.

    That's all I can think of, though.
  3. thanks for your help! =)