specific # on a necklace or charm

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  1. My son is a college athlete and just received his number that he will wear on jersey this season. Other than Alex Woo, does anyone know where I can purchase a single digit necklace or charm? I'd like to wear it for good luck!
  2. Pandora is coming out with charm/beads that are single digit numbers 0-9. You could wear it on a chain by itself. They are due out any day.
  3. Rembrandt charms does single and double digit's in SS or gold.
  4. Tiffany has single numbers in a lock? Check out their website! Super cute idea
  5. Thanks LipGlossQueen and Bagaday! Any pics or prices? We have a Pandora store at our local mall so I'll start there. Not familiar with Rembrandt.
  6. I believe James Avery does letters & numbers.
  7. My mom wears my brothers numbers (one for college fball and one for vball) on a chain. We are all ridiculous about it, at trivia nights we always request one of those two numbers even.
  8. I like the James Avery ones! I think the #9 looks like the college sport jersey #9 - more of a block form. Now the ? is sterling silver or gold. I'm tempted to do sterling in case he does not keep same # for all four years! It'll be less $ if I have to get a new one.
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    Maybe http://loverocksny.com ? I *love* their stuff! I do not have any of it personally but I know a few fellow tpfers do. They use diamonds for the number and a special diamond dust finish that looks just awesome. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Here is a specific example, but I am sure they do just the pendent or charm without the chain too: http://loverocksny.com/shop/product.php?productid=16146&cat=249

    I know http://heathermoorejewelry.com/ does numbers too, I am a little soured on this company because I cannot see it in person where I live and they were unwilling to work with me to send me a sample that I could touch and feel and their stuff is $$$ and of course because it is personalized it is unreturnable. I am the type of person that really needs to touch and feel something, a picture just does not do it for me.

    I wish you luck and I hope you find something. BTW, what a nice reason to get a charm :smile:
  10. bump...curious to see more suggestions!
  11. tbbbjb - love your suggestion of loverockny as I like pictures of their other items. But I'm unable to view the # charms. Can you post link? Thanks!
  12. Ooops so sorry! You already did the link. Very cool but James Avery pricing is more affordable!
  13. I vote for James Avery (he has a decent selection) and in sterling (not only is it cheaper but more appropriate for everyday wear and IMO, easier to care for).