Specialty License Plates to help pets/animals...

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  1. I didn't realize we had these, so I just ordered it today. A portion of it goes toward the spay/neutering of animals and can create awareness (and hopefully see them on more vehicles!). It's also cute!


    This one is for WA state, but your state may have something similar available. They also have other charitable organization plates, including a wildlife one.
  2. I have this one on my car:smile:


    A portion of the proceeds goes to the Indiana Heritage Trust which buys land to protect the natural habitats of wildlife~ to date 45,000 acres have been saved!
  3. I have the Arizona Pet Plate on my car too! I love it :smile:
  4. How neat! Does California have one?
  5. ^I'm not sure...try looking at California's Department of Motor Vehicles website?? I bet they do :smile:
  6. I have the "Spay and Neuter" tag issued by Maryland. A portion of the proceeds go to the Baltimore Humane Society.
  7. What a great idea!
  8. Unfortunately, california doesn't have a pet/spay-neuter plate but they do have other environmental plates. I'm surprised california doesn't since they're so conscientious when it comes to animal rights and abuse...I used to live in the so cal area where there were so many wonderful organizations that tackled the homeless animals issue.
  9. It does seem odd that California doesn't have a special animal welfare plate, as I always have thought of that state as being quite progressive.
  10. I couldnt wait to get the Pets plate when I moved here, will have to take a pic of it. It has a dog and cat on the left side. Love it!

    It was either that or the pink and white breast cancer one.
  11. I thought it was odd too that CA doesn't have one. I used to have the spay neuter one in GA, it's such a good cause.
  12. After having my violin personalized plate for around 10 years I finally retired it for this one:


    That's not my actual tag, I got mine personalized, but the spay/neuter program was why I coughed up $78 for the plate. I'm not sure if I'll renew it for $78 a year, but I do like it. I even got a puppy paws license plate frame for it. It's so CUTE! :tender:

    Also, after three YEARS and three months, the Prison Dog Program I wrote up my proposal finally got going at our minimum custody unit, so it seemed appropriate to make a change. :yes: