special wholesale world brand name bag

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  1. ;) We think that using smilieys makes it much easier for some of you to actually believe that we sell real bags. :love: :shame: :idea: :lol: :P ;) :amuse: :smile:

    Did it work??

    NOOOOOOOOO :evil:
  2. Whoa Spam!!!!!!
  3. OMG I hat when fakers put their adverts here. Sorry but you won't earn a dime here!!!
  4. Fake Bag Seller Alert! Maybe We Should Start A Thread And Include That Spam And There Name. Can We Do That?
  5. I already did it!!Spam on the blog is the thread name.
  6. Spam!!!
  7. Sorry I was a little late ladies!! I slept in today... :shame:
  8. Hilarious edit Megs!!! lmao!!
  9. cute!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.