** Special Treat** Wedding Video Winner

  1. 22nd February 2007

    Most people show their wedding video only to their closest friends and family. Julia Boggio and James Derbyshire have so far shared theirs with more than 100,000 strangers.

    A film clip of their reception showing the traditional first dance performed by the newlyweds in the style of the movie Dirty Dancing has become a huge hit on video-sharing website YouTube.

    And...another wedding party performs a 'Thriller' dance. See below...

    The couple posted the video on the site so relatives abroad could view it but to their astonishment, it has attracted more than 104,000 hits and is one of the site's 40 most-viewed videos. Ms Boggio, a wedding photographer from Wimbledon, has always loved the Eighties film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and wanted to make her big day one to remember after attending many conventional ceremonies.

    She and her film-maker husband-to-be decided to recreate its final, showstopping dance and spent six months rehearsing.

    Ms Boggio, 32, said: "I just couldn't believe I had found someone who would do this for me and then throw himself into it so enthusiastically."
    Mr Derbyshire, 33, said he was more nervous about the dance than giving his speech at the reception at Fonmon Castle in Barry, South Wales.
    The couple were so pleased with the result of their efforts that they put the film on the website so that it could be seen by members of Ms Boggio's family in America.
    But word of mouth spread rapidly and thousands of other people began logging on to have a look.

    Ms Boggio said: "I can't believe so many people have watched it. We nearly had a party when it hit 100,000 on Tuesday."
    The newlyweds have even received an email from a couple who are using the video to learn the routine for their wedding in June.

    Ms Boggio said: "I really hope the video will inspire people to do something a little bit different with their weddings and I hope we make people smile."
    YouTube has a history of making stars out of Londoners. An aspiring TV presenter landed a job on BBC2 after videos of her were posted on the site. Susi Weaser's gadget reviews proved an instant hit and TV executives offered the 24-yearold from Tufnell Park a regular slot on the Sunday morning entertainment and cookery show Something For The Weekend.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYhlm9GTAQ0 Click here for Dirty :love: dancing

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPmYbP0F4Zw click here for Thriller :nuts:
  2. I think its awsome to see couples do this stuff like this. It sure makes their day so much more memorable.
  3. I really loved the 'Dirty Dancing' couple. They looked like they were having so much fun!!
  4. Aww that's so cute =) very nice memories..
    I'm so glad I sang at my wedding :biggrin: ..I would have regreted it if I didn't!
  5. I love the dirty dancing couple!
    Thriller couple, notsomuch!
  6. I love the dirty dancing couple just what a wedding should be
  7. Those are so cool!
  8. I can understand why choreographed first dances are so popular.

    Any couple can sway to, say, "Breathe" by Faith Hill (I'm not knocking it, I'm just making a point) but how many couples do you know do a choreographed dance?
  9. Awww!!! I'm going to make my hun take salsa dancing for our wedding.. lol. :smile:

    Very cute videos!! Thanks for posting!
  10. I love weddings! The dirty dancing couple was so cute!!
  11. Those were some great videos...both were fantastic!!!
  12. I thought they were both great. But my favourite was Thriller..... just awsome
  13. Thriller is awesome!! :party:

    Thanks for posting Prada!!! Love it!
  14. I love the comment on the Thriller video. Someone said something like, "This video's fake! How could all of them just happen to know the dance?"

    Yeah . . . it's called Rehearsing Beforehand.
  15. some friends of mine got married recently and had had a choreographed first dance created to Jack Johnson's 'Better Together', the only problem was neither of them looked like they were enjoying it, you could clearly see them counting the steps & it seemed a little forced to me. I think sometimes it misses the mark ever so slightly.