special threatment at hermes for men?

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  1. hello dear forum readers!

    wow, haven´t been here for a while...so many new faces!


    As some of you might remeber I got my birkin black in 40 size in january just after 2 weeks of waiting..........I went to the store back then and simply asked if they had any birkins in size 40 of hand. I was nice but not uber nice or uber chatty.........just nice.

    Okay, I "smelled" like cash I guess, as I was wearing my big valentino mink and was packed up with shopping bags of vuitton but still.

    I was wondered to see that after 5 minutes they actually had no 40´s on hand, "but we have a black togo 35 here if you wish...".
    now, I am a man so I prefere the 40 size....but I was TOTALLY amazed to see how "easy" it was!

    when I told this story to many friends of mine, many of them owning 5-15 birkins in exotic skins etc, they where totally blown away too! especially because I KNOW that the 35 in black togo is a VERY thought after birkin....and that the usuall waitlist for it , here in austria is about 2-2,5 years

    BACK then when I finally picked up my 40 (as said just a very short time after!) I had a little chat with the shop manager and expressed to him, that I would LOVE to owe a birkin 40 in creme ostrich someday, but that the wait of 3-4 years for ostrich would be too long for me....

    today he called me! HE called me.......and NO I do not buy a lot of hermes....my last purchase there where 2 ties and a wool scarf in february...

    anyway, he said that they have a 40 ostrich "which just arrived us today" in in taupe and that he would put it on hold for me so I could come and check it tomorrow.


    I feel very good, but in a wierd way.

    I was NOT on any waitlist at all and still managed to get my birkin in black, now I might be the happy owner of an ostrich bag very soon(can´t wait until tomorrow!)

    no matter how happy I am, I still think that this is kind of "unfair"!

    I remeber my mum had to wait a good 4 years for her croc birkin....

    or many of you wonderful ladies here: don´t you feel mistreated by hermes sometimes?

    Just because I am a man?


    any input would be appreciated!

    many many regards


    BTW: please bear with my awfl english!

    BBTW: yes I a gay as many of you might recall, BUT NOT faggy acting in any ay, just stylish!

  2. Let me just say - Congrats on being able to get your Birkin. I haven't been that much into an Hermes store, because it's not nearby. But when I did, and when I called they were snotty to me. Either the waitlist is closed, or I'm told on the phone that I need to be a regular customer and shop in the store from time to time in order to get on a waitlist. This after telling him that I do not live closeby. How is that possible?

    So, I don't know if they treat men differently - but I agree it's unfair.

    Lucky for you though! Maybe we should shop together. Too bad you live so far away!;)
  3. I agree - want to go to the boutique with me?!!!
    Anyway, congrats!! Please post a picture of your new Birkin(s) if and when you get it!
  4. That's a great story hennaria.

    I think sometimes it's just luck. I know that in my store here, they try to show me whatever arrives... unfortunately, not a lot of Birkins have arrived. Lately, many Kellys are coming.

    It's also the same with the ostrich "violine" that is reserved for me. I did not pre-order it but they showed me the list of ostrich that will arrive. So, they are reserving it for me whenever it arrives sometimes this April/May. If I don't like the color, then they'll sell it to someone else and they'll try their best to get me another one in a color that I prefer.
  5. thank yo very much!

    sure I plan to update my "showcase" pics anyway, as I just showed some lv´s thre........still,m if you are interested: look for it, I posted it several month ago!


    btw: I LOVE your hermes knowledge....keep on rocking girl!

  6. Cool and thanks!!
  7. Ur collections sound fantastic,hennaria !!!!
    Cannot wait to see urs, please do post soon :love: :love:

    I think men do receive higher priorities. I notice whenever i shop with my bf around, i got luckier. Or maybe it is just him who is my shining lucky star??? :love: :love:
  8. Hennaria nice to meet you!

    I am sure they love to work with you at Hermes for the sheer fact you are a man. It adds variety and spice. As my husband would say...you got flava! It makes all the difference.

    Good for you to walk in and pretty much get what you prefer in a short amount of time. That is life and that is the way it unfolds for some and not for others. All I can say is my wait will make my Birkin arrival sweeter. (said with a long awaited smile...that is what I keep telling myself)

    Look to read your posts!

    Keep us informed.

    I love the whole picture of the mink and the LV bags!!! Great visual.
  9. wow, you have friends at hermes I guess;)))

    it is nice to hear that also women get special treastment-DONT get me wrong but I am hearing lately that men would get better treatment usually

    thats what I hear the most!
  10. I think I'm just lucky that they have nice SAs and a great store manager. I chat with them once in a while. ;)
  11. I wonder if they think are men are more decisive--or less likely to return? In some ways, men are easier shoppers for SA's since they usually know what they want, buy it and leave. Whereas women often mull things over and need to see everything else before they make their descision...
  12. hennaria - i can't wait to see your bag though. It sounds gorgeous!
  13. hennaria, just curious how much do you carry in your bag? I never asked a man that before.
  14. me wanna know as well :shame: :shame:

  15. hahaha, funny you ask, I had a chat about that with my mum the other day.....

    everyday work bag(usually my birkin,lv pilot case or my guccissima briefcase for work):wallet, agenda, ipod, my prada cosmetic bag with it´s contest(sunscreen, hairgel, hair spray, small perfume bottle, lip balm, deoderont,tooth brush,...), some fruit(an apple a day...you know the saying), chewing gum, my note and scrap book, a novel or 2, glasses, a small water bottle, a scarf(men´s scarf)

    I hope that helps