Special Thank You to LOVEHERMES for the extra Hermes sleeper/dust bag!

Apr 18, 2006
Hi all, a few months ago I sold an old Kelly that didn't have a box or a sleeper/dust bag. I hate to let go of a bag unprotected, so I gave up one of my own. For a while, my beloved Kelly 32 Rouge H Chevre de Cor. didn't have a sleeper. I thought I'd post a want ad in case anyone would be willing to sell an extra one. I was willing to pay for one, of course. Fellow tPFer lovehermes came to the rescue but insisted that payment was unnecessary! These things can go for top dollar on eBay, so you can imagine how grateful I was. The sleeper came in the mail today and it is perfect--perfectly packaged, too, with pretty card and everything.

Three cheers to lovehermes for being so kind and generous to a needy tPFer! :P For the record, her kindness will not go unappreciated... :heart: :heart: :heart: It won't sit well with me if I can't compensate somehow!

Thank you, lovehermes!!!


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
YAAY LoveHermes!!!!!!! I adore these stories.........way to go, LH!!!!!!!!!


Addicted to H
Jan 15, 2006
I've had the pleasure of meeting lovehermes and she's just as you'd expect...absolutely lovely! I'm happy for you too, Ms. 24.