Special thank you to all our sweet DH/SO

  1. Hello ladies,

    I noticed that many of us have DH/SOs with exquisite taste in H (or at the very least, listen to their other halves). Since I have joined the h sub-forum, I am often touched by sweet gestures from these wonderful men in our lives.

    Angelfish dh and kelly

    Prada dh with a bottle of "Hermes" wine

    SimplyPrincess dh's design SO

    Various push presents

    Plus posts from Husband Orange, Petpringles, etc.

    Is it possible to post pics of your favourite present from these sweet men? I would like to thank them once again and let them know that they should keep up the good work.:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    So here's my 25cm sellier CDC framboise kelly from my dh :love:who thinks I am a little too stiff and in need of something colourful.



    action framboise.JPG
  2. Ahhhh - lovely thread, LTC!
  3. C, you are beautiful! And that Kelly suits you soooo well! I love your style!
  4. I only have for SO my set of Hermessence... Not much to show but it was actually nice when I got it for my Birthday, he reminded how much I love H and bought something affordable for me!
  5. LTC, nice thread. Your Kelly is stunning. :smile:
  6. One day I'll convert SO and he won't be a HHSO anymore....
  7. I don't have anything from H except the generous gift of a scarf booklet from Sarah, but I would like to give a shoutout to my DH.
    He's not an HHH and he's very interested in learning about leathers, colors, and the different bags, he loves how pretty yet durable and well-constructed everything is, and will definitely keep me well in H when he's out of school and into his career and making enough $ to offset my salary as well.

    So let's just say "put us in coach, we're ready to play!"
  8. ^^ :roflmfao: I love it!
  9. Aw, how sweet of you to start this thread and mention my DH, LTC. I posted this on my reveal thread and another thread, but just in case anyone didn't see this, here it is again. You just have to have the visual to get the irony and humor of it!

    I'm impressed all to heck that he not only FOUND this wine, but brought it home to me the day my Kelly arrived. What a guy! :love:

  10. Great thread! Your kelly is beautiful!!
  11. AWWWWW I :heart: LTC! :girlsigh:

    My DH would laugh at your post, since he would tease me if I ever got a bright bag, he always encourages me to go for the neuuuuuuutrals! I love how men can see the side of us we don't always express, and let us know they can see it, even if we don't. Your Kelly is just TDF :love:

    DH surprised me a bit back with a colour I was lusting for, an Etoupe Kelly. He even turned down a few bags (inc a bag that walked out the door after he passed on it, a vert anis Ostrich Birk) because he somehow knew the colour, hardware, and style I wanted!! Yay!!


    Funny thing is, we'd been so busy, I was throwing him kisses and grabbing hugs as we'd pass by each other on our way to another project. So the day he gave it to me, I was already over the moon just to have him to myself for a whole day! This bag was in the shopper sitting in the car when I bounced down to take off!

    I'm with LTC... I'd love to see the fruits of our DH's creativity. I know FDL has some great stories, and QM (who I miss dearly, where are ya gal?!) among others. Come out and share! :coolpics:
  12. My DH hasn't purchased any "H" for me yet. He does, however, really like the stuff I get myself (or am sent by others--Hummingbird, I'm lookin' at YOU!).

    So far, he's a Tiffany's man! Loves going to get me something in a "Boo" box (as we goofs call it). Over the years, we've picked up a few things! My favorite is a lovely peridot necklace made up of small faceted peridots. Just delish.
  13. All my bags were a gift picked out by DH, but the one I was totally shocked over was birkin 30cm vert anis ostrich
  14. *picks self off floor* That ostrich birkin is so stunning! DH hasn't ever surprised me with any H (well, I don't even own any H handbags--yet!) but he did not flip out when he saw how much the scarf cost. For my DH, that is saying a lot!
  15. My DH has been so good with my handbag/accessory obsession! First it was Coach, then BV, now H. Poor guy has been on a bit of a roller-coaster but has handled it well. He even has a little song he sings every time he sees me on tpf. Last weekend he went with me to SF (although he begged off going into the actual boutique) and after told him I was having a wee bit of buyers remorse from spending too much money, he kissed me and said that I deserved it all.:love: I'm fairly sure that most holidays from now on will find me with a small orange box...