Special Shout-Out for xoStephxo - a FAB SA!!

  1. Today I finally met tPF member and Neiman Marcus SA xoStephxo. You may have seen her threads on new MJ bags. The funny thing is I had seen her in the store before but never knew it was the same person! LOL

    Anyway, she helped me do a pre-sale for a MJ banana hobo in black for our Last Call sale. (Our pre-sale barely started today.) The bag will only cost $402!!:yahoo: I'm so excited!! Here's the bag:


    I pick it up Tuesday and I'll post pics once I get it. So if any of you need help with a Neiman Marcus bag, I highly recommend her. She's so sweet and so helpful!! Thanks again Steph!!
  2. AWESOME! I love it the banana hobo and even more...I love SAs that are so helpful and cool! Congrats!
  3. Lovely bag Cheryl. Did you see anything else that was hot looking?
  4. ^^Well Pam, I didn't look too much because I was in a hurry. But they did receive more bags just for the sale. Last week they had one sale table - this week they have two. I'm pretty sure I saw several Chloe bags too. If there's a certain bag you're looking for, trying PM'ing Steph. :yes:
  5. WOWSERS! Love this bag Cheryl! Can't wait to see your pics! I'm so glad you bought her. I love the way it looks when it's worn on the shoulder. Congrats!!

    I'm so tempted to pm her for those sale bags, but with three vacations in the next month, I can't afford to shop anymore!!
  6. ^^Thanks thithi! I'm excited about picking it up next week. :smile:
  7. What a beautiful bag--and thanks for passing along info on another great SA!!!
  8. Congrats Cheryl - the banana hobo is so classy in black!! Post pics when it arrives!
  9. Thanks ladies! I will definitely post pics when I get it. :yes:
  10. I love this style! Congrats on getting it for such a steal!
  11. I had this bag, it is really comfy to carry and gets lots of compliments! Congrats
  12. ooooh - it's beautiful! congrats!!! :tup:

    question -
    was this style in other colors?
  13. Yes, this also came in topaz which is also on sale at NM. If you'd like one, call them to see whether they might still have one available.