Special September 2020 Purchases Post here!


May 27, 2009
Hello tpf members! Happy September! Happy Spring or Happy Autumn depending which part of the world you’re in. For me it’s spring and I’m so looking forward to the warmer weather and also seeing all the new September goodies being released.

I can’t believe time has flown by so fast and we’re in month number 9 already.

Please share all your Special September goodies and Happy Birthday to all the September babies this month!!


Bag-a-holic is real
Mar 11, 2012
Congrats E! They’re both highly functional & beautiful travel pieces. You will especially love the ease of Keepall’s black trim too :drinks:
Thank you, Mybelongs to Louis! I’ve been wanting these pieces, not sure why it took me this long to buy it. I heard they’re both functional and hopefully I get to use it soon... keep safe and by the way, I just adore your style, always so chic❤
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