special sauce for pork loin, anyone?

  1. Hello ladies,

    wanted to get your feedback on making special sauces for a pork loin.... bf was pissed about the dinner I made yesterday so today, I thought of making him baked pork loin.. now, i would like to have some sauce to go with it since i am baking it and it's dry food.. do you have any special sauce you may want to share? thanks in a million..
  2. Oh, there's tons of sauces to put with pork. My favorites are typically fruit based:

    1. Dark Cherry Compote
    2. Apricot glaze with a little bit of soy sauce (apricot fruit only jam as a base)
    3. Spiced Apple Sauce (definitely the easiest, buy some unsweetened apple sauce, spice it with some cinnamon and nutmeg)
    4. Spicy asian (soy sauce mixed with olive oil) sauce with cinnamon, star anise and some other spices

    Depending on the type of meal you're creating, there are many options to pick from. Good luck!