Special Reveal! 1997 Dior :)


Jun 9, 2011
Hi lovely ladies and handsome gents,

A quick reveal - it just arrived this morning, and I was squealing with excitement. A very special find for me on eBay! MANY thanks to Average Joe for authenticating it. You are a huge help and an amazing member of tpf. :hugs:

The eBay seller was incredibly nice and communicative. She told me this was from 1997...the number underneath the "Made in Italy" stamp says "RU1917." Black patent leather and nylon with beautiful gold charms. :smile: My camera phone stinks, so it looks a bit more faded in these pics than the bag actually is...it's actually in beautiful condition and I'm extremely happy (and relieved, as I do not often buy through eBay). The single flap has nice, secure snaps and opens up to a very pretty, clean, roomy interior - and holds more than I thought it would. :smile:

If anyone knows the style name or anything additional about this bag, I'd love to know.

Thanks so much for sharing in my excitement! :cloud9::nuts::love::heart: