SPECIAL REQUEST: List of ebay sellers caught selling fake items!

  1. I also posted this on the "report this item" thread but not quite sure where to actually post this request. Anyway, do we have a comprehensive list of all sellers caught selling fake items? I know that they can always change their eBay ID's but I don't want to give them too much credit for being 'smart'. It would be nice to refer to a thread and just do a search on the eBay ID of the seller to see if there's any history of selling fakes. Thanks!
  2. There are literally thousands of ID's that have tried to sell fake LV, listing them would be impossible. It is much easier to post an item in the "authenticate this" thread and the members will be happy to identify the fakes. You can also search the name to see if they come up in any threads. My Poupette has a listing of MPRS sellers, but it is still a good idea to post, just in case a good seller goes bad. As well, fakers or someone with a beef, might try to trash a good seller's rep. with such a listing.
  3. ^^^ITA, I don't think we could keep up with all the scammers.
  4. Here is a list the My Poupette has gathered.


    Obviously that isn't all of them. However, it's a great start. If you see one, report it to MP and get them added to the list. :tup:
  5. Thank you!
  6. unfortunately, that list would be endless.....