Special purchasing habits


planned buyer
May 14, 2011
Hey guys! Do you guys have any special purchasing habits?

I just observed a habit of mine: when I figure that I need to buy something, I shop arround and buy one. But then, almost immediately, I would buy another one (or maybe more) in the same category. This happened to me on eyeglasses, shoes and perfumes. And now I think it's moving onto handbags. :P

Every time, I believe I have a good reason for getting another one. But then, there's always the question of how good a reason is good enough, right? So I think it is not only a rational thing, there's some psychology or unconciousness that played a big part in driving me to behave this way.

I just thought it would be interesting to see people's purchasing patterns. So if you don't mind sharing, please drop a few words. :lol:


Yogi Mama
Dec 9, 2010
If it's hard for me to find anything well fitting, if i find the perfect one i'll get two or more, that's just being a smart shopper .. But not two handbags, haha, that would be a no no for me.


Handbag Connoisseur
Feb 7, 2009
I surf (1), get something in my mind and then I try it on in store (2) . I think your not really sure until you get it home and put your stuff in it (3). And then I try it on with different views in the mirror and take pics (4). And then I decide if she stays or goes