Special Orders

  1. Can you only place a special order at an Hermes store, or at any store that sells Hermes items?:confused1:
  2. I don't think you could place a special order with anyone but Hermes. You could tell a reseller exactly what you want to be on a "wishlist" though.

    For example - If you wanted a chocolate Box Kelly 32 with GH, you could tell a reseller and in case it ever come in they'd likely call you for a quick sale.

    Otherwise, for an exact combination? Hermes. Beware any others that offer it, you could be taking a chance on a fake bag manufacturer, which yes, is illegal and moreover, a sin! :push:

    Stick with Hermes stores, or reputable eBayers. Check bags for authenticity on the Authenticate This Hermes board. http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-shopping/authenticate-this-hermes-17673.html You'll do fine! :yes:
  3. Thanks Angelfish! I'll have to get into the city more.
  4. Can you just go into an Hermes store and make a special order? I do not have any relationship w/ a specific SA, but I have a very specific order I'd like to get, which is a kelly. Thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  5. The boutique here doesn't do "special orders". After they get to know you, they, on occasion, will let you do a podium order. I think it must vary from store to store.
  6. I don't know if it works differently in the States but in the UK you can 'request' a special order with a store - if you ask nicely - but the store has to hold onto the orders and send them to Paris twice a year - this controls the flow of orders going to the atelier so they always have a regular stream of work to be getting on with.
    It is best to be known to the staff in the shop but if you can't get there often do not despair. Explain your situation and ask for their advice - they will be able to tell you about leather and colour availability. You might like to phone up in advance and see if they are building up their list of special orders and if you can get onto it - if so you will already have broken the ice by the time you get to the store.
    I would say that you will gain brownie points at the moment by showing an interest in a Kelly - the SAs are exasperated often by Birkin-hunters!
  7. Can someone please tell me what a podium order is? I am a newbie and ignorant in the ways of Hermes :smile:
  8. I've never come across ther term used in the UK but from the descriptions I've read it sounds very much like the twice a year bulk order a boutique is allowed to forward on to Paris. It doesn't mean the order will be accepted though - if you ask for a leather or a colour that just isn't available you will be disappointed - best to discuss with the SAs as they can gauge the likelihood of an order actually being made and will have experience of relative waiting times for particular styles of bags.
  9. There are 2 buying seasons for Hermes buyers (typically the store manager and another appointed senior staff). One is in Feb for the Autumn/Winter the same year, and July for Spring/Summer the following year.

    ^^ This is known as Feb Podium and Jul Podiun respectively.
  10. I heard alot about podium orders. Just out of curosity, has anyone been offered to place a podium order from the SF store?