Special Orders

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  1. Hello!

    I just placed a few special orders with my SA. I would love to know what type of special orders you have placed. I just got approved for a gray mother of pearl alhambra magic single motif earrings. I know that the coral has been placed before by clients. What else? :smile:
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  2. How do special orders work?
  3. I think you just tell your SA?
  4. Sounds pretty, how long did they say it would take, how much is it costing you and what color gold did you choose?
  5. I got vintage Alhambra gray MOP earrings approved.
    Anybody can request a special order. It's not a big deal at all. You just ask. It's then up to them to say yes or no. Lately they seem a lot more willing to approve SO's, probably because the luxury market is down and they aren't selling as much as they once were. The stores are incredibly slow right now.
    The only catch is that once approved you have three months to decide....and you pay a 30% premium.
  6. Thanks for the info.

  7. I wish I got that opportunity. Asked about it recently and they said you have to be a very special customer (read: $$$). But the SA then told me If I continued to be a loyal customer ($$$) they'd consider the request to make a request.


    Could be boutique by boutique I suppose. Though will mention it again when I make my next purchase. :P
  8. Hallie - so did you order a coral piece? did it get approved?
  9. Pazt, I placed some special orders and they just got approved! A gray mop magic earrings, pink porcelain (same as last year's holiday pendant) magic earrings, and blue porcelain magic earrings. Very excited. Also, waiting on approval for a collection on a different stone w diamonds. Hopefully, it will be approved.
  10. GOT IT! you just answered my query from another thread!

    I may copy you on pink earrings as I have the holiday pendant 2015. I was also thinking of doing the dark pink in magic long pendant necklace if they approve it. we shall see!

    Thanks for replying!

  11. Wow! I am surprised that they have approved these prices! Congratulations dear

    May I ask in which boutique you placed your request?
  12. Magic earrings? Two stone or three stone magic earrings?
  13. i wish they do so in Dubai :sad:
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  14. I'm sorry, my SA has requested that I don't share the boutique's location in public as they would receive too many special order requests.

    I got them in single magic earrings.
  15. Ok. The supers 😊
    I recently had two SO's approved as well- earrings with gray mop set in pg.
    If in the US it should not matter what boutique you shop at because the SO's are approved in NYC , although I suppose you need to have an SA willing to place the request in the first place. You can even call them on the phone ( the NYC location) yourself and discuss options. I didn't get the impression that one must be a VIP to place a special order although this may depend on the country.