Special Orders?

  1. hey ladies,
    i hope youre well and treating yourselves to lots of goodies sales or otherwise!

    as some of you may know, i have been dreaming about an orange bayswater for a while and i seem to remember ages ago someone mentioned that it was possible to special order mulberries?

    so does anyone know if that is still possible and how one would go about it?

    thank you

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    I seem to remember seeing and hearing of special made to orders
  3. Sorry I hit send before I'd finished lol. If my memory serves me right mulberry no longer offer this service unfortunately. :sad:
  4. They don't do them anymore unfortunately.
  5. Nope best place is either outlets or eBay. You could maybe call them and see if there any knocking about?
  6. There will be an orange bayswater available soon - see luisa via roma.com
  7. You're a genius! Love the orange in both bays and SBS.
  8. damn about the special orders but thanks for the luisaviaroma link - it is gorgeous but it looks more red? ill have to see irl!!