Special orders

  1. how long (months) do special orders usually take? i'm thinking of getting a custom order in epi leather from a mono design.

    does it cost more to special order than the price of the "regular" style? is payment upfront or done later?
  2. sorry to burst your bubble but an SA once told me that it takes about 6 months (or more......), you can only get it done in monogram canvas or damier (so not epi), and costs 30% more than the regular bag (with a 50% deposit)...... Also, I don't think you can return/exchange it after, unless they seriously mess up your order then you have all the right to :censor:
    Other ladies: please correct me if my info is wrong:biggrin:
  3. Everything sounds about right but I did see the Deauville in Black Epi for $2470 at around xmas time...
  4. I thought I've seen Epi SO too.:shrugs:
  5. I seen vernis special ordered also...
  6. They'll do almost anything, that's the point of "special orders" . . . of course the price might go up exponentially to make it worth their while, but if money is not an object, go wild.
  7. One time I saw an Epi Red MM Looping bag on Ebay, I think it was a MP seller too so it was real.
  8. Yeah, they take 6 months and you have to put up a deposit and it's a percentage like 30 more than the normal version. What do you guys think about the Abbssesses messenger in Damier? I'm thinking about getting it for school. Would love to hear some opinions!!!
  9. Speaking of SO's, I do recall seeing a SO Nomade Keepall on ebay not too long ago (forget how much they were asking . . . wonder if it was more or less than the retail will be on the bag now that it's out. I think they said that the SO had cost $14k, but don't remember.)
  10. Yes, special orders are done in Epi. :yes:
    I've seen special orders done in Mini Monogram as well.

    I've heard that the canvas that LV doesn't special-order is the Multicolore.
  11. I think a special order Damier Abbesses would be very good as a schoolbag. Or, you could wait to see what new messenger bags are coming out in the near future - maybe there'll be one that matches your requirements and therefore you wouldn't need to special-order it. :idea:
  12. my friends has a special order monogram large mussette done in Epi Mocha and the end product is :heart: :love: :heart:
  13. They do special order in epi and vernis. I will give you an "eye candy" example. Here is a picture of my SO red vernis bucket! She is my pride and joy.

  14. erDRwife- wowzer that's a beautiful bag, and a well taken photo!! i'm thinking of getting SO in epi b/c i love the subtleness of the leather.
  15. erDRwife - It is a gorgeous bag!! Wow, I love the red =)