special orders?

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  1. is it possible to get wallets customize, i really want red epi on a billfold, but only comes in black epi. anyone know if wallets can be specialized?
  2. yes but certain ones i think, youll have to go to lv and ask what the options are..
  3. Only exotics in slg.

  4. whats slg?
    anyway i remember seeing on ebay a SO epi checkbook wallet with red interior, beautiful...;)
  5. Small leather goods.
  6. that will cost a fortune..;)
  7. LV recently (6 months ago) that they do not accept special order on accessory pieces or small leather goods.
  8. Is depend whether LV want to make that speical order for you. But it cost 30% extra of the model you want, and have to wait for 6 months or longer. :sweatdrop: