Special Orders

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone on this forum has ever done a special order Birkin or Kelly from Hermes? For those who have, can you provide the following information?

    - What did you special order (specs)?
    - Was your special order placed through the store or at the Podium?
    - IF the order was placed at the store level, did your store have to wait for a confirmation from Corporate that the order IS placed or did the order simply just showed up?
    - How long did it take for your order to arrive?

    The reason I asked #3 is that one of the SA said that if you place a special order, you have to wait for Corporate to get back to the store to CONFIRM the order is accepted in order for the order to go through. However, another SA told me that when you place a special order, you do NOT hear back from Corporate UNLESS they cannot do the order or they cancel it; she said that if you hear nothing, that means your order is being produced. Which is true? TIA:flowers:
  2. From what I witnessed/heard of a special order in my store (on my last visit)...you place your order through your SA...it is then placed before the manager of the store for further approval...then goes to corporate level...as long as all is approved, you do not hear back and you can very much assume the order will be placed. If at any point there is a problem it goes back down the ladder to your SA and then word is passed to you.

    This was being explained to the woman as I was working with my SA nearby.

    I was a little lower on the pole (need I say the bottom???)...my desire to be placed on the waitlist was in need of approval by the manager and now I just have to WAIT!!!! Special Order may never be in my lifetime.
  3. I'm actually way at the bottom too. I am not on a Birkin list, and the fact that I only want exotics makes it even more difficult:cry: ... The reason I asked is that my SA said they can special-order a briefcase for me since they know I want it in fuchsia goatskin. I'm still debating about it since I'd rather get a Birkin first.

    I DO have a friend who somehow managed to get herself onto a special order for a vibrato shoulder Birkin. Her store said they're not sure if such a thing can be done but they will try to place a special order through the store level. They placed the order back in February but have not heard back from Corporate about it. Her SA told her that nothing is final unless Corporate write them back and tell them the order is accepted. But then my other SA said that it's supposed to be the other way around in which if you don't hear back from Corporate, it means your order is accepted; it's only when the order cannot be completed that Corporate will contact the store via a letter.

    Now both my friend and I are totally confused (as usual).
  4. I think quite possibly the confusion was caused by the term "special order" because there is a) special order on regular items that are in regular production but just wasn't available at or ordered by "your" shop. Since the manager is ordering it for a particular client, it is still considered a S/O.

    B) The second type of S/O is more special and this is for items that are not in regular productions, meaning it's especially done to a client's specifications. Since these orders are not in regular production, that's why they need approval from the head office on whether it could be done or not, i.e. Vibrato Shoulder Birkin.

    As for how long it takes for a S/O or a "Very S/O" to arrive, it really depends on the item. It can take up to 2 years in some cases....

    I hope this explains :smile:
  5. That makes perfect sense!!! Thank you:flowers: . So in my friend's case, her order probably needs an approval from Corporate or is it more like if they hear nothing, it's an implied yes?

    I think her order will be fabulous. She's getting it in raisin vibrato with cyclamen chevre leather for the flap and the sides (instead of box calf), her interior is going to be lined in raisin suede and will have extra pockets for cellphones/PDA.:shame:
  6. Your friend's order sounds like a "very special order" to me. It also sounds like it will be very interesting. I would love to see a picture.
  7. Me too! I really want to see how the order turn out. Do you think it's a good thing or bad thing that they've heard nothing back from Corporate?

    Now I want a shoulder Birkin in fuchsia porosus croc!:P
  8. I think in your friend's case, she will probably hear back from them on whether it could be done or not. I hope she will get some news soon :smile:
  9. about the special order the waitlist and the time i just copied what i have written in another forum about it
    i have been a customer with my boutique in germany for years and there it works like that: a bag arrives wich was not ordered (so just maye waitlisted but must not be the case) the sa calls around their customers if anybody wants it if not they do send it to the next boutique so they can do the same with their customers. (so it is very rare that you do get a bag off shelf right a way even though there are better chances in big cities with huge stores like berlin or munich etc)
    and then there is the way i will get my bags :special order. the store manager calls their good customers (and maybe only the ones she likes ) to remind them that the ordertime is coming and if we want something.she notes everything and directly checks with paris and if paris says yes it is available in xx time it will definately get placed in paris when the official ordering time occurs.after that paris visit of my store manager she tends to call again to guarantee again that everything is fine and in progress and that she will call again if they are arriving or if anything else(bags. PaP, silks ) pops in apart from my orders what maybe catch my interest . my sa and my store manager know my taste very well and have a good taste by themselfes so sometimes they seduce me to splurge on something extra
    so that is at least how my boutique handles it:flowers: