Special Orders

  1. This is a two-part question:

    1) Are special orders worth the extra 30%? For example, I know a lot of people who are kicking themselves now that LV finally wised up and made the Speedy and Ellipse in Damier...those folks will never recoup the extra money they spent having LV craft those styles for them should they now choose to sell. Does anyone have photos of a special order piece they just love and that LV has yet to decide to add to its collection?

    2) What pieces do you wish LV would make or are contemplating special ordering?

    I need a black Multicolore ID holder. I also plan on eventually buying a second smaller BM wallet (I have a Pochette Porte Monnaie NM) and when I do, I'll need a checkbook holder...but LV doesn't make one. So I might have both those pieces special ordered.
  2. I'm thinking of doing a special order on a damier batignolles. what do you think?
  3. I also love batignolle in damier..I think will be da Bomb but not sure if I want to do that may be getting saleya instead.
  4. hmm, that's right! i've been wanting the saleya pm so badly! but then I also want to get the speedy damier in 25 and 30 and a keepall so...is it possible to die from a damier overload? LOL. In terms of prices, it's better to get the saleya or the keepall than the special order! Besides I'm sure everyone will think it's fake anyway...too bad for them. =)
  5. i would like a Damier Mezzo/Alto and a Damier Wapity
  6. Damier Wapity!
  7. I think they're worth it if you're getting something you KNOW won't be made in the future. Personally though, I wouldn't SO any current mono styles in Damier, simply because they may see how popular they are and decide to make them a regular in the line eventually (like the speedy.)
  8. I just hate the idea of having a Multicolore checkbook holder with the vachetta interior because I'd be scared of getting it filthy - how many times have we found our checkbook holders spread eagle in the bottom of our bags with miscellaneous crap stuck in them because they have no snap front closure?
  9. i'd never bother to ask about S/O, but i think a framboise vernis speedy 25 would be the cutest thing ever :love:
  10. A Vernis Speedy? What a concept! :graucho:
  11. I wish they would make their dog carrier about 5 inches longer so my cat would fit in it and I could buy it for him.
    I want a Ribera MM and GM in mono.
  12. that would be lovely, I think need 5 metal feet..
  13. Framboise vernis Speedy and Mono Ribera should be gorgeous!!:graucho:
  14. Black MC trunk.....I can dream! :smile:
  15. in the shop here I saw a red vernis large bucket. it looked verrrry nice!