Special Order's

  1. Yes another special order thread but this one is for you to list what CAN be special ordered NOT to ask can x be can y be done

    I've noticed that LV are showing more SO pieces in stores now maybe to encourage people to go down the SO route

    Anyway please list what you have or what you've seen so we can use this as a catalogue of ideas, if you have a pic please include it.

    Can we please keep it to the regular bags in an alternative material rather than custom made bags and exotics

    Thank you :heart:
  2. On sunday my store had a

    Black Epi Musette

    it was beautiful but I think they said it was something like £1400 ($2800 approx)
  3. I saw a black epi Deauville not too long ago for $2200
  4. And the occasional Vernis Bucket bags tall or short $ varies
  5. I've seen both SO Cabas Piano's and Mezzo's in Ebone Damier from other TPF'ers.
  6. last time my parents were in the portugal store they had a stack of red epi hard sided luggage. inc ludint hat box and jewellery case. they also had a black epi bucket with orange lining when i was there a few months ago.

    lockit can be SOd in croc and ostrich, and so can bill folds

    speedy can be SOd in ostrich.

    MC hard sided luggage

    cabas mezzo and piano
    larger sized speedys i think
    deuville (also in epi)

  7. Vavin PM and GM in Damier

    Used to be able to get petite bucket in vachetta but I don't know if anymore.
  8. I've seen pics of ebene Damier Noe and ebene Damier Petit Noe as well as the Damier Deauville.
  9. Last time I visited, my store had a SO Damier ebene Porte Documents. Didn't ask the price sorry.
  10. I have seen in copenhaguen a damier ebene large Noe
    and in Paris a Nomade Leather Mussette
  11. speedy in ostrich sounds TDF!!!!!!!!

    i saw a vernis speedy not too long ago..
  12. its a myth that these can be SOd. a very small number were made a few years ago for the japanese market but thats it.
  13. last time I saw the special order are;
    - Mono mini Ribera
    - Damier Cabas Mezzo small size
    on the display shelf
  14. i am not sure if there is any thread on this yet, but i always wondered how a sac plat would look with a sling. i would not mind one myself, and if a SO is possible on this? thanks!
  15. I have the large garment bag (folds over, multi-compartments, and 5 hangers) in Damier and I just got my Pochette Florentine in Damier,oh... I also ordered the large backpack in Damier years ago and my dog's collar and leash in Damier