Special Orders

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  1. Just wondering, has anyone requested a special order item and actually had it made.

    I requested a Black MC cuff style strap for a Tambour watch.

    It was rejected:sad:

    Just curious??
  2. I special ordered a Damier Speedy 25 back in July 2004 and it was delivered in Nov. 2004. Unfortunately, my special order costed MORE than the retail price for the Damier Speedy 25 when it became part of the regular LV line in 2006. Oh well..... at least I had it for awhile before it officially came out in 2006.
  3. I don't think accessory items can be special ordered... just select purses. But, check with your LV SA to confirm.
  4. No small leather goods can be SO, includes agenda and wallets...my SO for Med Damier Koala Agenda was turned down too :'(

    Don't think you can SO MC, or any line that's been out for less than 2 yr such as Azur.