special orders: rules etc?

  1. I've done a search but I can't find the answers (maybe that says something about mys earching, lol!)

    What I'm wondering is:

    1. If you want to place an SO, do they tell you on the spot whether it's possible. e.g. do they say yes or no, or make a call right then? or do you have to go back to the boutique

    2. Can you SO at any boutique or just specif ones in your city/country?

    3. What is the extra fee for SOs, 30% of normal price, 40%?

    4. How long would a not-too-complex SO take? e.g. I'm considering a a damier speedy 35.
  2. 1. in most cases no, unless you request something that's not available like a custom murakami bag. The boutique will call you back after they've talked to leather expert or craftsman.

    2. You can make the SO from any boutique, but it will not be made in your boutique.

    3. It depends upon the materials and what you request. If you want to SO any excisting model in monogram canvas it should be +30%. I did a request on something in Mono in epi, but that ended up being more than 5x the cost of the original mono item.

    4 don't know.
  3. thanks :smile:
  4. i think they take around 4-6 months to be made.
  5. oh man :sad:
  6. They had so many SO's for the damier speedy that they decided to make it part of the permanent collection! Maybe they will make the 35 later on?!