~ special orders reveal ~

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  1. ^^^you would need to SO peltro and ottone sadly
  2. Do the words peltro and ottone refer to the color? the type of leather? the way it is treated? I'm trying to look for a thread that explains all these adjectives and I'm having a hard time. I get confused about which words are referring to color, style, leather, etc...ottone, peltro, parma chevre, nappa, nappa umbria, ferro, karung...it's a bit daunting.
  3. haha, how IS ottone pronounced?
  4. Thanks annelovepuggy! Very handy website. It sounds like she is saying ottoman, but I'm guessing it would really be otto-nay.
  5. Oops! I meant do you have a group picture of your metallics, i.e., ottone, purple ottone, peltro and copper armatura? (I've already drooled over the pix in the accessories thread). :smile:

    If so, it would be a great reference to see all those metallic colors side by side....
  6. ^^I'll work on that. It would be a great reference.
  7. congrats! i have the long zip around, and i just cannot let go of it. it is simply the best wallet ever!
  8. Pronunciation of "ottone" is "oh TONE ay" ("ay" as in a-b-c, accent on the middle syllable).

    For fun, put "bruschetta" on that pronunciation web site. Almost everyone know says it incorrectly.