~ special orders reveal ~

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  1. Wow :drool: Those are all fantastic, you'll need to carry all 3 wallets at the same time :yes::tup: cuz it'll be too hard to choose :P.
  2. beautiful wallets and coin purse. use them in good health and enjoy.
    since they were so did you personalize them at all? is there any option to do that?
  3. WOW, :woohoo:absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful. Hm...dying to see Peltro color in person! Congradulation and enjoy.

    I like the idea to SO these colors in small goods such as wallet, purse or clutch; I have been wondering/picturing if it's too much for [me] a daily handbag in parma ottone or peltro ever since I received the parma ottone purse.
  4. Congratulations on your three new beauties! How fun that they all arrived around the same time, too. They're all just gorgeous. If forced to choose, I like the peltro the best too. :smile:

  5. ^^You know, I didn't even know it was a possibility to do that when I ordered these 4 months ago.

    I have seen that some people have done that with bags. I'll definitely consider it on a SO bag in the future. It's a nice little touch and makes even more special.


  6. ^^I agree to SO accessories first. You'll definitely know if you want it in a bag.

    I have Peltro floating around my head now. I'm in love with this color.

    I honestly thought I would be ordering a bag in Ottone. I think I would get one in Ottone, if it could be a more smooth leather (like the French Wallet I used to have). My wallet is pebbly and that is fine, but I don't want a bag in that texture all over.

  7. Peltro wallet...hyperventilating....:faint: I can't believe anything could be so beautiful. Enjoy! You must be giddy with excitement.
  8. I love the Parma! I never knew it was so gorgeous in Goatskin. Congrats on all three and thanks for sharing.
  9. Wow, these are terrific. Thanks for the photos--they really show the metallics well. Enjoy!
  10. Great collection ;o)) and fantastic colors
  11. Thanks for showing the three of them side by side for comparison, they're such lovely pieces. The peltro would probably look good in a veneta or pyramid too.
  12. All are gorgeous. It's a good idea to SO the accessories first to see the color. Wear them in good health. Congrats.
  13. omg piperlu!! You have all three metallic colors that I LOVE from BV!!! Just missing aramatura!! hehee....I'm in heaven just looking at your eye candy! Major congrats!!
  14. Wow! The Peltro wallet is beautiful! Enjoy your goodies! Thanks for sharing the side by side pictures.
  15. Love all your new accessories!! Enjoy!