~ special orders reveal ~

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  1. Here are my special orders pieces that I recently received.

    Long Zip Around Ottone Wallet
    Continental Peltro Wallet
    Parma Chevre Zip Around Coin/Card case

    I am absolutely in love with this Peltro wallet. :cloud9::love: I had no idea it was this gorgeous IRL.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but, I like it more than the Ottone. :shocked: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Ottone, but this wallet is amazing.

    The Parma case fits in with these two perfectly. Enjoy the pics!!! Jburgh - have you ordered the Peltro wallet yet? :P

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  2. More pics.......

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  3. Group pics.........

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  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. OH MY....they are GORGEOUS..
  9. So special...each one! :drool:
  10. do you get an SO peltro bag to go with that lovely wallet? i bet that would look amazing as a sloane
  11. Debbie - absolutely gorgeous!!!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!! - all three!!! What about the peltro that makes you prefer it? the leather texture, or the surface of the metallic?... the leather looks smoother than goat. Are you thinking about a handbag in peltro??? Congratulations, and enjoy each and every one!!!
  13. Damn girl! You cleaned up! That is a lot of gorgeous shimmer.
  14. ^^Not yet.........

    I bet a Sloane would be gorgeous in Peltro. Too bad the Sloane didn't work for me.

  15. ^^I think it is the texture. It is smoother and so much softer. I love the Ottone wallet, but it is very different. It has more of a pebbly feel/finish to it.

    It's really hard to explain it, but when I opened it up, I immediately knew I liked the Peltro better. I still love the Ottone, but it's #2.

    I won't have a problem using either of them though. :P

    PS Last year I bought a French Purse in Ottone and it was NOT as pebbly as my new SO wallet. It was more smooth. So, I don't know why there is such a difference. I wish I would have kept that other wallet for comparison. I know it's very different though.