Special Orders: Obligations?

  1. I was wondering- can you return a SO? Say, if you SO'ed a Mandain Keepall and it had the dreaded cat pee smell- would you be stuck with it? :hrmm: What about the occasions when you see SOs in the boutiques-were those returns?
  2. I'm not sure. I saw a special order looping in Red Epi (Gorgeous!!!!) yesterday but the SA said it was not for sale, it was just to show what you could order.
  3. As far as I know, if it is a Louis fault, like the cat pee smell, you can return. I have seen other cool SO items before. I guess if they didn't pay for it, Louis got stuck with it!
  4. I never SO'd anything at LV. If you cancel a SO, because you don't want it, what happens to your deposit?
  5. I don't think you have to buy it. They will just put it on display. But you do have to put half down when you SO.
  6. Lulilu - So they will refund your deposit if you chose not to buy it?
  7. i don't think you HAVE to buy it if it eventually comes and you don't like it .. they can just leave it in store for display and until someone purchases it.you would get your deposit back but not sure if its a store credit or cash refund

    the store themselves does special order on bags a couple of times a year so if you are lucky and happen to be there when they are about to arrive or when they have just arrived, you can just buy the bag like any other bag in store and not have to wait the 6 months for it.

    thats what happened when i got my damier florentine SO. i went into the store and wanted to place an order and the manager had a look at his list and told me that they had one coming in for the store. and i told him that i wanted it .. the put my name on the list saying that it was sold to me .. i didn't have to pay any deposit for it and 2 weeks later i picked it up when it arrived and paid for it then

    sweet! and i didnt have to wait the 3-6 months for it
  8. You do get your money back, but not sure if it is a store credit (I kept my SO damier speedy but my SA said I didn't have to take it.)
  9. When I went and did my last spree at LV. They had a black epi deauville... I almost went into CA over it. GORGEOUS! It was $2470 and he said it cant be sold yet, it has to be on display for like 3 months or something strange...
  10. I heard that you lose your deposit when you change your mind, is it true?
  11. I would think so..that's the point of the deposit, right?
  12. The 50% SO order deposit is non-refundable. However, when one receives their SO bag and they do not want it, they can use the 50% deposit as a credit toward another LV bag/product.

    Not the ideal situation, but fair, imo, nonetheless. If you hate the SO, at least there are options. :biggrin:
  13. Agreed.:yes: