Special Orders for the Damier?!

  1. I just found out that I can special order the Large bucket in Damier and....I couldnt sleep....I have the deposit in my hands now and will run to LV to place the order. (Thank you SoCal!) :yahoo:

    I have always loved this bag and didnt know that it could be ordered....I have the smaller bucket too but oh well....

    How do I find out which styles can be special ordered? I have ordered the Damier speedy 2 years ago and only found out when the Manager mentioned it so Im wondering where do I get the complete info on what can be special ordered?
  2. the have a booklet they can show you..
  3. Nice!
  4. :nuts: Thank you!!!!!
  5. Oh, I bet that will be beautiful! How exciting!
  6. But depending upon the wait time....it will be torture!

    Although they have mentioned that it is a much shorter time vs. previous wait times..I waited 4 months for the speedy b/f...ughhhh:s
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