Special orders ended?

  1. I was on the phone with the boutique in Beverly Hills, trying to find out what they have in bolides. Out of curiosity, since some people on here said that no more special orders are being taken beacuse of the new CEO, I asked the SA about placing special orders.

    So she said they can't take any more SO's until 2007. So here is my question...and she couldn't seem to answer it:

    We all heard Lilach's good news about her SO's. So does that mean that any special orders placed before this podium can be sent to podium, but after that, no more can be sent? I'm sorry to bother you ladies about that, but the whole thing about special orders being stopped is confusing because it seems like people are saying different things.

    Thank you for hearing me out with my question! :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Maybe she said no more SO til 2007 because the next Podium date is February 2007.

  3. Well she said it was because of a backlog. And I didn't understand how waiting until 2007 would help if the next orders can't be placed until 2007 anyway.
  4. There was a backlog? Did she say how much of a backlog it is?
  5. No she didn't. But I wonder if they just tell people this so that they won't just have to flat out tell them they can't special order. I wasn't trying to place a special order with her, I really just wanted information about it out of curiosity since I was already asking about bolides.
  6. I hope they are telling you the truth. I mean, delay is better than not doing special orders at all.
  7. IMO, but who am I???

    I don't think they will stop special orders. It is part of their business and their better clients want this. I have heard the last two years that they are behind in production. All these special orders have to slow them down even more. Can you see that? Anyway, I think they will slow down taking orders, but they will still do them. At the very worse scenario, they may not SO on the next go around, but I still doubt it. Maybe they may allow less per boutique, but it will still happen.

    Like I said...it is just my opinion...I have heard for two years they are way behind and they still did SO's. (I rambled)
  8. Please say it is't so... I hoped that the SO would "open" by next year so I could order my blue ostrich...:crybaby:
  9. You talked to Beverly Hills, right? I'm thinking the SA was talking about special orders for her specific store because Beverly Hills has TONS of people asking about special orders. However, I know that for their VIPs, they are probably still taking them. I'm thinking that they mean special orders can't be taken for other people.

    BTW, I was in that store today, and they had so many Bolides. I nearly bought a graphite one.
  10. yes that they are very late is also what i know but i am right with kou i mean the next special order is anyway in 2007 so what´s the deal with not accepting orders until then they won´t be placed this year.i am confused:blink:
    but i don´t think they will stop special orders cause the would loose tons of clients maybe gaining new ones (if they use the free capacitys for "on the shelf" bags)but that is not the same type of clientele and most defiantely not the type hermès is after ;)
  11. I LOVE graphite!!! SOOOOO Chic!!!!!:heart:
  12. yea - i agree w/ the popular theory. the SA probably meant that SO will not be accepted til 2007.
  13. I agree with everyone else on this. As far as I know, Hermes will never stop taking SOs. It's a business they do with VIP clients that want "different" goods. I have made many SOs for the past 5-6 years (my family for the past three decades) and I was never told it was going to be ceased. In fact, you can make a SO anytime of the year to your SA -- it's just that your transaction won't be processed until the next podium. There are exceptions however because I've once SOed a rouge vif kelly in croc and they gave it to me within three months!! Although it was speedy, the bag definitely came wayyyy too fast for me!! :wtf::blink:
  14. I agree with everybody; I just placed a SO for this July Podium, and my SM said that we can order the Thalassa blue Birkin or HAC (not sure yet) in the Febuary Podium, so there don't seem to be any problems, here in Europe at least....:yes: :flowers:
  15. that is also my experience as i chatted with my manager about the kelly longue in orange with diamonds and a diamond birkin(that is my dream for my 40 birthday) he told me i don´t have to wait for the podium whenever i am ready i can tell him and it gets made. same applies for some other items as well
    so i tend to believe noone not even hermès knows how their special order business works :lol: :blink: