Special Orders Available Now!!!!!!

  1. Some eye-candy for you, Ladies...........:graucho: ;)
  2. I only like the kelly in blue with black trim & vintage red bag (what it's called?).
  3. close-ups......:throwup:
    IM000001.jpg IM000004.jpg
  4. They're fakes?? The blue ostrich kelly & vintage red almost looks real. I didn't notice much about the other bags, find them ugly. So they're all fakes?? OMIGOD!!!
  5. BTW, assuming the vintage red bag is real, what is the style called? Not the close-up pics. The one in the 1st post with 2 gold lock, hand-held.
  6. ...I think I'll order the whole lot...!!!!:wacko: LOL:throwup:
  7. Kristie...you are too funny!:roflmfao:
  8. Dior 24, that's a sac mallette. I have a vintage one in black croc without the jewelry case in the bottom. I'm going to post pics of this thing.
  9. Sometimes you gotta have fun!
  10. Hermes makes golf bags?! :nuts: :nuts:
  11. Those are just awful! BLECH! Why Hermes, why???
  12. NOOOOOOOOO the Himilaya.......My eyes, my eyes!!!!
  13. Do they come in Fuchsia? :love:
  14. OT and Kristie have such bee-yoo-tee-ful new avatars!
  15. :shame: Aww, thanks. :upsidedown: