special orders at the store

  1. I saw the last time I was at the LV boutique a SO trouville (I guess it was a trouville and not a deaville, the little one..) It was in vernis, it looked soooooooo nice, don´t know the name of the color but it was like sand...

    have you seen SO´s at the store? do u have one?
  2. The color was probably Noisette.

    The only one I've seen was a red vernis bucket.
  3. black epi deauville $2,450.00, vernis buckets, sac squash in damier
  4. WHAT??!?!? a VERNIS Trouville??!??!?!?!? That's so HOT! lol You shoulda snatched it up while you had the chance! lol *faints*
  5. I've seen a red epi mini looping bag a while ago. Problem is I can't remember if it was at the Valley Fair store or Palo Alto store! :shame:
  6. I saw a steamer bag in damier canvas once in the chicago store on michigan avanue. I asked how much it was and the SA quickly replied $1400, so I was like "I will take it!". When she started ringing me up she figured out it was more like $3400, so I left it. I was very nice though!
  7. Duh....I totally forgot about the monogram Mah-jong set in Palo Alto!